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Generally Addiction Of Cannabis Sativa

With of the for the most part prestigious healthcare systems in the world based in this particular state, Maryland is leveraging its link with academic medical colleges or universities to take every novel approach for the legalization of medical marijuana. Rather than having the stuff grown and extended through independent prop and government-regulated clinics, Maryland will dispense medical marijuana to its citizens directly all the way through many of the truck bed cover's academic university… Continue

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Haiti; the Earthquake; Aftermath and Disaster Capitalism

On Tuesday January 12th, 2010, at 4:53 PM local time, an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale struck just 15 kilometres southwest outside of Port Au Prince, the Capital. This was the first major earthquake in over 200 years. There were many aftershocks, some almost as severe. The damage was immense, with 40,000 buried by Friday the 15th and an expected 100,000 more dead. Even more were injured. As the buildings were old, the country the poorest in the western hemisphere and as a… Continue

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Yesterday's Science is Today's Superstition

Critique of Medical Establishment

At the very outset, we have to realize that drugs and medicine are collectively one of the most profitable industries under capitalism. It is more profitable to constantly drug a person who has a chronic condition than to genuinely cure a condition. As an example, to council a person to cut back on salt often meets with less success than to put them on a blood thinning or artery dilating drug to lower blood pressure. In a society that uses… Continue

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