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Scary Inventions

Yesterday I saw brand new invention that assesses your girth. So what that do with that information? Well, if you hold your incredible stomach in, acquire clear sound inside your headphones. If you let your stomach hang out, the songs is low higher quality and loses volume. While I'm not sure how this stomach-exercise-motivator will sell, it does let you know how using the concept of measurement to keep control of can lead to very different new developments. In fact, any application of an… Continue

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Dialectical Materialism and Idealistic Naturalism

As this has come up lately and the presenter did a poor job, it became my task to outline the subject.

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Queer for Capitalism: Queering the Gay Pride Week

Gay rights are human rights and are not special rights. To say that gay rights are special rights means that human rights are special rights, which not one will accept as true. The gay community and gay rights struggle has been co-opted for something more capital friendly and that does not care for rights except the right to exploit for profit. Here is an article containing something of gay rights history since 1969 and how that got lost over the next several years. Now Gay Pride is more…


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Biological War on Afghanistan

On the morning of May 13th, 2010, the BBC news let slip out and later covered their tracks, that US planes were seen spreading a

white powder over suspected crops of opium poppies as an operation

against the Taliban. The result was a virulent mould or fungus that

killed 80 percent of the crop before it could be used to harvest the

sap for opiates. There was another result. All food…


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