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The Messiah Returns: TROTSKY LIVES!

Max Eastman (1), Trotsky's translator of “The History of the Russian Revolution” and other writing, is quoted as making the statement that Trotsky was the most Christ Like figure in history since Jesus Christ himself 2,000 years ago. Trotsky is also seen as a prophet in the eyes of Issac Duetcher who wrote a series of books on Trotsky titled “Trotsky, The Prophet Armed”, “Trotsky, the Prophet Unarmed” and “Trotsky, the Prophet in Exile”. These form the best…


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Nostradamus Predicts: The Workers' Shall Inherit the Earth (Dictatorship of the Proletariat)

This is the link to an article co-written by W. F. Raymond and myself on the prophecies of Nostradamus concerning the USSR and the important figures of history who shaped the 20th century and have a profound influence on all thinking on the left today.

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THE MILITARIZATION OF LABOUR: The Unionization of Security Guards (an article revived from the vaults of 2006)

Communists, Socialists, Leninists, Trotskyists and other left leaning organizations

and groups on the whole take a dim and negative view of security guards. The Security

Guard and Security professional is lumped in with the police, fascists, theocrats and right

wing extremists as enemies of the working class and the people, to be dealt with in harsh

terms and excluded from left organizations. Though one can certainly find fascist

elements within security organizations,…


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