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Give your Consideration and Support to Movement Against War and Occupation Locally or at Large.

MAWO is an activist group involved in anti-war and anti-colonial occupation around the world. There is a constant flow of activity as MAWO Vancouver makes a consistent stand against imperialist aggression and adventurism around the world. They also demonstrate for the release of the Cuban Five, Bradley Manning and others who are illegally detained by the US because the exposed lies and whistle blew against corruption in high places. They also support Idle No More and have connections to various unions and activist groups. We are happy to post this link to the MAWO site and recommend that you become actively involved as are we.

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Comment by William Prest on March 16, 2013 at 11:34pm

Though MAWO is great in what they are up against and do, there is not much that they say regarding a solution to capitalist imperialism and how we must come to terms with that and bring it to an end. This is where real revolutionists come in to educate and promote the end of capitalism for an egalitarian society of economic democracy.


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