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False Flag Alert Tornot G8-G20 Summit, Lies lies lies by the police

This just in!! Hot Hot Hot! False Flag Alert! Monday June 28th, 2010: The Toronto Police were
involved in Riot Fraud, Engaged in purposeful provocation. See the

Toronto is right now in the midst of a massive government / media propaganda fraud. As events unfold, it is becoming increasingly clear that the
'Black Bloc' are undercover police operatives engaged in purposeful
provocations to eclipse and invalidate legitimate G20 citizen protest
by starting a riot. Government agents have been caught doing this
before in Canada.

This is a not so covert operation to discredit people in the demonstration and thus negates other charges, such as bicyclers carrying gas masks
and a car with a trunk full of Molotov cocktails. The “Black Bloc”
anarchists were actually police provocateurs paid at taxpayers (you
and me) expense to damage and discredit us in the eyes of the world.
We need to expose this lying filth before these murdering bastards
run a repeat of the holocaust but on a much more vast scale! This
provocation help to justify Obama's cutting income in half and
raising retirement age to 70 by 2013! Down with state repression and
filthy lies! Down with Barack Obama, demon oppressor of the dying
capitalist regime! Forward to a global dictatorship of the
proletariat and to judge these mega-criminals!

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