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In keeping with a rising new phenomenon detailed on a BBC documentary, where people around the world take videos using digital cameras and cell phones, it is now incumbent on those who are aware to do likewise, no matter what we stumble upon or attend by deliberation. As we know, there is a lot of oppression, bullying, terror and injustice going on by various states and groups and when we witness this going on, it must be captured on video and uploaded to the net. If you happen to film such an event, upload it to Youtube or like server as soon as possible and make a link to our site and anywhere else you please to make everyone aware of the event that needs to be stopped or changed. Publish a linked article and include the video link. If you don't want to do this, e-mail me all the facts; who, what, when, where, why and how with as many details in point form and I will write it up for posting with references to you if you wish. Include your video link.

With everything that is now going on all over the world, we need to be on top of this to educate the people of the world as much as possible. A great change is coming and this is one way we can encourage a new age of egalitarianism and justice. I have already done this and you can reference this as an example of what is needed to be done at this time. The example is the whole blog on “Immigrants and Workplace Injustice” that has a link to a video. Of course, videos can be uploaded separately on this site.

As we are spread over a wide area, this can be more effective in spreading the truth of what is really going on as it is more difficult to do a meet-up. So let us join the world mobilization to expose injustice and promote a better world. No matter where you are, there is something you can video and report on.

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The immediate sensation of what will come out of all the revelations countering a sky full of lies via cell phone videos and digital cameras owned by billions of people is that the powers that be will not put up with this long. What does it mean? Censorship or the pulling down of the internet, especially if the threat appears to be too great. The end of the net can come in a number of ways, the most sinister of which is the use of a false flag EMP strike to immediately shut down all electronic devices permanently. The immediate effects are to align people in another fictitious war against one another. Also, the sudden plunging of the masses back into the stone age will throw billions into a state of shock and awe, which is an extension of the Friedman shock doctrine used so effectively in the past in places like Chile and Iraq.

Therefore it is necessary to act with urgency and be prepared to act locally without technology like cell phones, digital cameras, internet or other electronics at no notice. In the meantime, while we yet have a chance, the truth must get out to as many as possible.

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