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Revolution and Real Ecological Balance '06' (2nd revision '09')

The society that cannot live within its means is doomed to certain destruction. Such a society is the bourgeois order of capitalism. Capitalism in order to make profits must constantly expand to accumulate more in order to create profit. This expansion is accomplished in a variety of ways in various combinations. In a closed system like the confines of a country and indeed, a planet, the end of growth is reached when every last area and vestige of expansion, acquisition, accumulation and thus profiting has been tapped out. Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism is headed straight to this conclusion. Indeed, the signs are abundant in the environment and now the world economy. When growth room has run out, capitalism stagnates and must ultimately collapse and die. The bourgeoisie over the decades and centuries has invented one fix after another, each one more drastic than the one before. One of the traditional methods used to revive capitalism is war. But war is one of the hardest stresses imposed on the environment. Once the patches and fixes run out, capitalism and its captains, the bourgeoisie face immanent death. This is where the knowledgeable members of the working class and the working class in its entirety must step in within historical destiny. Attempts to wrest the natural world from the bourgeoisie have been made in history and so far, the bourgeoisie has been able to thwart each in turn. The result has been the most profitable, naked and greedy exploitation of the environment without regard to anything but selfish gain.

The Earth is vast, but it is a closed system, finely and delicately balanced with a myriad of interdependent and symbiotic relationships. The Earth is closed because it is a planet in orbit around the sun in a solar system shared with billions of other objects from cosmic dust to asteroids, comets, moons and other planets. The end of the closed system of the Earth’s biosphere is the upper atmosphere. Beyond that is the protective magnetic field. Within this is contained all life, all the water, all the resources, all land and everything else human society and nature finds useful. Space travel notwithstanding, astronomers have not yet found another planet such as Earth in “easy” reach. As a result, humanity must be content and operate within the limits of the Earth’s biosphere and resource base. Lately, we have learned that this is not the case, but this revelation has not meant anything bur business as usual. We are using up the planet faster than it can naturally replenish itself. The principle culprit in this is bourgeois capitalism. This issue is clear, but complex.

Every action has a direct influence on everything around it. Most actions are small and have an insignificant influence. Though it has been stated that “the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in one area of the world can cause a hurricane in another part”; this is ridiculous. However, effects such as creating greenhouse gasses over the course of centuries can have a dramatic effect. Over this period there is an accumulation of influences that have a profound effect later on. An earlier example is how the stromatalites changed the Earth’s atmosphere over the course of billions of years. In the context of the early Earth, oxygen was poisonous. Nevertheless, cyanobacteria continued pumping it out. For billions of years, the Earth absorbed it by rusting all the available iron. When this ran out, then the oxygen began to accumulate in the ocean and atmosphere. This great change in the atmosphere is what caused life to evolve into the forms we see today that can breathe what was formally poisonous. Humanity is busy changing the atmosphere again, adding all sorts of things as a result of industrial activities as run by capitalist interests today. Part of that change is the addition of greenhouse gasses and particulate matter that are heating the atmosphere and blocking sunlight. Also, the creation of greenhouse gases is using up the free oxygen and carbon based materials like plants and fossil fuels. Once more, through the aegis of human activity under capitalism, the oxygen is being absorbed at an increasing rate. As more and more forests are chopped down to make way for agribusiness and “resource management” (read exploitation) and oceans are polluted, oxygen regeneration is being slowed down. This new atmospheric change spells the demise for life as we know it. Indeed, many species are now on the brink of extinction or are endangered. Scientists suggest that the current rate of extinction is the sixth greatest extinction in planetary history, rivalling the Cretaceous, the Devonian, Ordovician, Permian and other great mass extinctions of the geological past.

In order to have a flow of energy form one place to another or from one state to another, there needs to be a difference. The greater the difference there is between the two locations or states, the greater the energy exchange that occurs between them. The end result is that storms intensify, hot spells get hotter, cold snaps deeper and there is a global met-down of glaciers and of the Polar Regions. There is even talk of a global super storm such as occurred in geologic history and within the historic memory of humanity. This too augers for changes of climactic zones, triggering famines, floods, altered ecological zones and extreme danger to established species that cannot easily migrate. And what of those that can migrate? As the world changes in unforeseeable ways, migrating species may well wind up in another unstable area to face new challenges to mass survival. This is the end result of centuries of industrialization in its ever accelerating pace that had no other priority than surplus value and commodities to generate profit for the owners of the means of production. Those who did the actual production were kept desperate enough so that they would return daily to continue to produce surpluses and hence profit, in which they do not share.

Industry need not harm everything it touches. However, historically, that is just what has been happening in an ever accelerating pace resulting in greenhouse gasses combined with global dimming due to things like fine dust and soot. Starting with the expropriation of land from the peasants for cash crops and the forcing of these same peoples into growing manufacturing centers, this opened the door for the development of the bourgeoisie. First the land was taken as a means of production, leaving the peasants nothing but to sell their muscle power. The expropriating class of the land became the land lords. This was and still is (in China 2005 to 2008) done by force and terror. In the Americas, native populations were driven out, exterminated and enslaved under European imperialism. In Africa, the same thing occurred. In the Middle East today, the US and its allies/supporters are in an imperialist drive to acquire resources and strategic locales. People are driven off the land to make way for “progress” and industrialization. No regard was or is given for the people driven off the land and the land itself. Ever since then, the bourgeoisie has expropriated other means of production like mining, manufacturing, farming and fishing. All of this is developing through uneven and combined development, i.e., differing stages of development are occurring simultaneously in various regions. This has been done through capitalism since its inception by its methodology of accumulation, improvement and advances in manufacturing, expansionism and seeking profit. Today, capitalism is pervasive. Mergers and hostile take over moves concentrate the vast wealth of the Earth into fewer and fewer hands. Even economic crashes serve this purpose. All those methods that can be used for profiteering are valid to the detriment of processes that will not promote profiteering. In other words, anything that threatens that profit will be blocked. So when the electric car came to fore again in the period of 2204-07, they were ultimately blocked, expropriated and then shredded because they were seen as a threat to the profits of big oil.

On the antithesis, anything that promotes profit will be pursued with a vengeance. Historically this meant mechanization, lowering wages, ignoring safety and health questions, destruction of surpluses and warfare. Much of this continues today. Added to the woes of eviction, poverty, filth and disease is warfare, engineered famines and planned obsolescence. Mechanization has meant two things; i.e., displacement from jobs and forever being on a learning curve to fit into the new jobs. No more is this true than in the still volatile computer trades. Workers are on a learning treadmill along with the work schedule, leaving time for little else. Lower wages is accomplished by maintaining a reserve army of the unemployed, importing foreign workers to labour for lower wages or exporting jobs under various trade agreements. The ignoring of safety and health concerns was done to cut costs so that the profit margin could be kept as large as possible. Many people are aware of destruction of “surplus” food because there is no market for it, despite millions going hungry. No market simply means that the millions of starving people are too poor to pay and too poor to survive, so they must die in agony while good food is destroyed on this pretext or that, i.e., mad cow disease or bird flu. Warfare is the single most profitable industry of capitalism. What war does is open new markets based on the wholesale destruction of old saturated ones. The winner takes all including the subdued population into slavery in many instances, whether it is chattel slavery or wage slavery. It boosts the medical business with all its dubious and noxious “remedies” at high cost and huge profits. Warfare is the height of planned obsolescence as hundreds of billions of dollars in labour value are poured into bombs that are single use items. Carpet bombing, anyone can agree is extremely ruinous. It is counterproductive to civilized existence and extremely hard on the biosphere.

The development of the bourgeoisie and its principle method of business, capitalism have brought untold misery to literally billions of people and extinction to countless species. These things are still going on at an ever accelerating pace. Wherever capitalist production moves, something or someone else must be removed. Whether it is a rain forest or an indigenous population, they must be moved so that “development” can take place. Everything is looked at for its profit value and nothing else. Those who must “clear out” by co-operating or by force are removed from their means of life, whether as hunter-gathers in the rain forests or deserts, or as small family farmers in fertile lands, or when new methods of production are developed in manufacturing cities. In every instance, something is lost. In the jungles and deserts, it is a way of life that has endured for tens of thousands of years. In rural family farms managed by peasants and small ma and pa farms, people are displaced for agribusiness, factory farms and industrial development. In China, millions were displaced for the Three Gorges Dam. In the Kalahari Desert, bushmen were displaced for mineral and oil wealth. In the Amazon basin, forests were clear cut to make way for agribusiness for the support of McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and others. Beef for these multibillion dollar industries had to be raised somewhere. Factory farming in North America proves to be insufficient to meet the needs of the population, high end restaurants and the bottom feeders all at once. The result of agribusiness in the Amazon basin alone in soil of marginal condition was disastrous. Typically, the land is depleted in two years and left to become desert or washed into the Atlantic. More forests are levelled to keep up production of beef, an item most of the poor in the world can’t even conceive of purchasing anything at a typical burger joint. This is going on planet wide. In manufacturing, jobs are “shipped” overseas to places of greater productive efficiency and lower wages and working and environmental standards. The result is the loss of jobs in the millions on the home front. What is the capitalist solution? Eliminate social programs, encourage xenophobia (discreetly, while paying lip service to tolerance) and import cheap labour under various trade agreements and export manufacturing jobs to third world developing regions. It helps to target an enemy to distract people from the real attacks.

Typically, dealing with the threat of an “enemy” or “alien” influence under capitalism is done through jingoism and warfare. Whatever potential profit goal is in the mind of the bourgeoisie or a threat thereto, action is taken immediately, first by whipping up hysteria in the minds of the masses with propaganda. Then there is the build up of forces, the invasion and furtive or open war. Every tactic is used to bring the enemy to defeat. Fire arms and armament is only a small part of the picture. There are sieges/blockades, spying, misinformation, engineered famines, freezing of assets, spreading of poisons and disease. With modern weapons come radiological hazards and the ability to plunge whole cities and countries into the pre-electrical age.

The most wasteful and profitable enterprise under capitalism is warfare. What other industry can sell an expensive product like a smart bomb that is used only once and then it has to be replaced with another smart bomb? It would be like buying a car to use for just one day and then crashing it so a new one can be obtained for the next days drive and crash. Talk about the throw away idea of maximizing consumption! The practice of warfare maximizes planned obsolescence. The practice of war has always been about conquest, pillage, rape, enslavement and expansionism/colonialism. Along the way, many people are maimed and killed, much land and property destroyed. All this destruction clears the way for new markets, new patients for the medical profession, and corpses for the funeral industry. All of this is an insult against nature, our one and only real support. It is an insult, traumatizing everything it touches. Wars are fuelled on prejudice, propaganda and misinformation. The real “winners” are the capitalist holders of armament industries and capitalist bankers who gamble on winners and losers in major wars on both sides. Everyone else loses in this equation. This is bullying on a global scale to force compliance by maximizing terror. We are told to intervene and stop bullying between children and then we sell them on violent electronic games, prepare them for legalized bullying in the military, police and security. The hierarchical structure of civilization is all about bullying. Is it any wonder that we have war when we live, breath and die in a culture of violence? The violence extends to all areas of life including the rape and pillage of the planet and all creatures therein.

Perhaps the most ruinous tactic of all to ensure profits come rolling in is the practice of planned obsolescence. This tactic is an extension of what is typical of war. With other means to gain profit drying up as the limits of the planet are reached, capitalists resort to building in a fall-apart factor in the products of manufacture. In addition, new features in a particular item, obsolete predecessors in short order. Consumers, driven by never ending advertising and “being up to date” for that competitive edge over others, keep lapping them up. Products manufactured with a fall-apart component will fall apart, even if just sitting on the shelf. Workers are compelled for reasons of mere survival to manufacture such garbage. The end result is mountains of hazardous waste like hundreds of millions of tires, oceans contaminated with mercury and huge floating mats of plastic refuse, huge piles of non-recyclable electronic garbage that has fallen apart or been made obsolete by being out dated by a newer version. Yesterday’s most desirable electronic gizmo is today’s landfill! In short, it is impossible under profit driven economies to be green and concerned with the preservation and continuance of the biosphere. When the biosphere is finally ruined in total, not even the richest of the bourgeoisie would be able to survive. Of particular note in the scenarios of ruin, are the disasters of 535 AD and its aftermath and the ruin of the Easter Island culture prior to the arrival of the Europeans. These are actual historical occurrences, scientifically verified, within the memory of contemporary society. After AD 535 it was written by an Asian King that “Ten thousand strings of cash and fine gold cannot cure starvation.” In a ruined planet, no one can survive. Even the richest will live like the poor, too poor to even survive!

Capitalism is incapable of preserving and maintaining an ecological balance and a “green Earth” by its own inherent fault of profit gathering. It contains the seed of its own demise, and all else if permitted to continue to the destruction of Earth itself! Couple war with planned obsolescence and we have the example of the 1991 Kuwait oil fires that destroyed much in natural resources and created a local nuclear winter in the region as more than 500 oil wells burned for almost a year. There is lots of political accusation as to who set them, but the destruction of resources and environment and manipulation of oil prices were the result. Environmental impacts were global with a significant increase in carbon greenhouse gases in 1991 and people reeled from price increases on everything as oil, or the lack thereof, determines the extent of capitalist profit.

Anything that could reverse the course of damage has to go through tremendous obstacles in order to be implemented. Sometimes even this struggle is not sufficient to introduce new ecological friendly technology. The chief obstacle is that technologies implemented to prevent or reverse destruction to the biosphere are too costly and would eat up the capitalist’s sacred profits. Not only that, capitalism can't clean up its own mess because that too would eat up profits; so it is left to the masses to go green by bottle picking and recycling, often at their own expense and through green taxes. To avoid ecological restrictions at home, treaties are drafted by the bourgeoisie operating internationally so that manufacturing off shore can bypass environmental laws in regions where there are few or none. Thus interminable bureaucracy and stumbling blocks are in place to slow or stop such procedures. Lobbying by profit seeking interests is another block as are scientists who sing the tune of their capitalist bosses by explaining that there is no problem at all. So the messes of modern production like clear cutting harvesting of wild trees, over fishing, resource driven open pit and shaft mining and polluting factory production techniques are left unclean. The noxious chemicals are dumped into the land, the oceans, and the atmosphere and now even in orbit around earth. All too often, when the consumer buys these products, they are wrapped in plastic that then finds its way into the oceans, the food chain and in our own bodies.

A simple chemical process to take excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and render it harmless by changing it into calcium carbonate such as found in sea shells sits idle because to remove the necessary amounts from the atmosphere would require that 250,000 conversion plants be built to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. The same amount of money “legally” cheated out of the working class into the destructiveness of warfare could be better spent cleaning up the atmosphere and oceans. But, under capitalism, war fits the profit agenda much better than cleaning up the mess it creates and the mess of mass production by the cheapest and fastest means available. Bureaucracy of meeting the Kyoto protocol on greenhouse emissions is designed so that the worst polluters can trade off credits with the least polluting nations. This actually changes nothing!

Look out your window and see that it’s business as usual. Everyone wants a status car. There are so many and more that are poured onto the streets daily, that we’re running out of parking room. People can even buy 1,000 horsepower "screamin' demon machine" ultra sports cars. It makes one scratch their heads wondering why we need this in a grid lock world. Mass transit as it exists is used by the poorest workers and the homeless person pushes their worldly belongings in a borrowed shopping cart. When mass transit systems are proposed almost everyone shouts “Not in my back yard!” Power to the people under capitalism means more coal, oil and nuclear power generating plants at the going rate per kilowatt hour, payment on demand. China with its phenomenal 10 to 12 percent growth rate (2007-08) is going car and power crazy and so is India. With these accelerating demands and rates of consumption, the ecosystem does not stand a chance. Already we are seeing the arising phenomena of massive global dimming and brown clouds unheard of even during the Kuwait oil fires of 1991.

Pollution is the by product of capitalist mode of production that seeks maximum profit with minimal expense. Pollution is endemic in every field of capitalist endeavour. Although there are rigorous laws in first world developed nations to control pollution due to reformist policies, free trade laws allow development in third world nations with little or no control on pollution due to development and extraction of raw resources. In Ecuador, oil extraction means pollution of the surrounding land that has a direct negative result on the health of the indigenous aboriginals who live, hunt and gather near refineries. In Angola, the same types of conditions exist. Angola, despite its natural wealth, is one of the poorest countries in Africa simply due to bourgeois greed. The poor hunt, gather and fish as from ancient times. The wealth goes to a handful of people while 90 percent of the people live in abject poverty and squalor. Pollution is created with virtually no control, spreading disease and toxicity to the people and nature; the only thing that trickles down. In Angola, the oil being extracted and refined is protected by razor wire and land mines behind fences to keep the people out. This is direct proof of the class war that the bourgeoisie has always fought against the people. Though a handful of measures are implemented to make the capitalist oil robber barons look good, deeper digging finds that people work for food, just like in war torn Iraq.

Education is designed to make people compliant. Much of education grooms the masses for their various roles in society and aboriginal peoples' cultures are destroyed and the children sublimated into the conquering culture. It is used to train people for specific roles they are to play in the greater bourgeois context of class structure and specialization. These roles can change continually as technological advance calls for and people are re-educated. One of these specializations is the military, preparing people for war that the bourgeoisie use to acquire more resources and land. The countryside of many countries is littered with the smashed implements of war and towns are in bullet and bomb riddled ruin due to government-rebel wars. It is this same warring that is so hard on nature as well as the people. The bourgeoisie has an unpublicized trade going in Africa; raw resources out and weapons of war in. In fact, when 12 ecologists protested against Shell Oil for their pollution of fishing waters in Nigeria they were captured, framed on criminal charges and hung. This fact of greedy exploitation is also found in gold, diamond and heavy metal mines in Africa as well as elsewhere in the world. Economic apartheid is still alive and well in much of Africa despite the so called abolition of apartheid in the political arena. New additions to the bourgeois consumerist capitalist society only add to the woes. Yet means exist to run civilization with a minimum of pollution, but this is too costly for capitalists.

Despite what scientists are saying based on hard evidence, the latest of which is the break-up of an Antarctic ice shelf between the mainland and nearby islands for the first time in observed history (Apr. 4, 2009) , Nay Sayers hired by politicians representing capitalists say everything is fine and there is no evidence of ecological change or global warming. Yet, low laying Islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans are being inundated, ice caps are melting, storms get fiercer, whole ecosystems are in collapse and we must believe there is no evidence? Added to this is the religious frenzy of “Armageddon in our time” as spouted by the former Republican president, Ronald Reagan. This idea sold to workers deliberately kept ignorant and dumbed down postulates that a miracle made by Jesus Christ will save the world and meanwhile, business can go on as usual, which is what happened until the economy collapsed starting in Sept. 2009. The woes generated by capitalist greed are blamed on minorities like gay people who are blamed for the wrath of God poured out on innocent and guilty alike by causing weather woes, earthquakes and even asteroid strikes. Anti minority violence escalates due to this misinformation. Again nothing is done except business as usual and innocent people are tortured and killed for crimes committed by others. The very genocide maniacs employed by the ruling class to subdue foreign populations, get away with crimes against humanity. Capitalist business continues to assault the Earth and get away with crimes against nature. Gay people are blamed for crimes against humanity and nature by religious bigots directed by capitalist politicians to deflect blame from real criminals.

Capitalism needs constant renewal, hence the need for things like power grids, fossil fuels, disease and war. If someone came up with a way to generate “free energy”, capitalism would face ruin, because that would knock down one of the main ideological pillars that props up capitalism and its methodology. Free energy would break the cycle of fossil fuel dependence and profiteering thereby. Such things have periodically threatened capitalism and its guardians, the bourgeois class throughout history. The latest threat came from electric cars that were promoted in California as an alternate form of transportation and were leased to those who were interested. Those who had the means to use them thought them to be superior by being quieter, cleaner and had the same get up and go regular cars, but totally without gas and oil. Big oil interests and their lobbyists managed to stop production, seize all the existing ones, stop all leasing and then had them all shredded by 2007. Since then the only ones permitted were hybrid electric and gas as opposed to fully electric cars. Typically, when the threat was recognized, the response was usually swift and brutal. The choice for an inventor or developer that is given is either accept a buy out and shut up or be killed and your discovery sequestered or destroyed.

Anything that threatens profiteering will be blocked. One outstanding example of this in the 20th century was the attempted development of the wireless transmission of electrical power by Nikola Tesla in the 1940’s. Mr. Tesla actually accomplished this feat and was developing a major power distribution center in New York at Wardencliff. The project was under funding by the power magnate and tycoon J. P. Morgan. When J. P. Morgan figured out what was going on, he cancelled the funding, fired Nikola Tesla and had the power transmitter torn down. Morgan did not succeed in destroying all the records. With Tesla’s system, there would be no effective way to charge users for electrical power as under the Edison and Westinghouse systems. J. P. Morgan saw this as a direct threat to his wealth and power and crushed the project in the bud. This single act kept the masses as slaves to his system, continually paying and making Morgan and other power magnates ever richer, which is one of the “holy grails” of capitalism. The same Nikola Tesla had worked previously for both Edison and Westinghouse. He was responsible for alternating current and pioneered hydro electric power generation. He died in abject poverty in 1943 after being fired by Morgan. He lived in seclusion with pigeons as his only friends after a life of hobnobbing with the who’s who of society. At the moment of death, the C.I.A. stormed his hotel room and confiscated all his research notes and engineering drawings. Tesla has 111 US patents to his credit and over 700 ideas in all that are kept in secret. As a footnote, cell phones so popular today are a type of wireless transmitter and receiver. Tesla succeeded in experiment and attempted to transmit useable electrical power wirelessly but was blocked by profiteering interests.

Tesla is only one of many. Tesla almost succeeded in creating a wireless power grid. Others have invented systems that would not rely on fossil fuels or nuclear materials. These in turn are blocked from production, citing the prohibitions of the laws of thermodynamics. They are accused of attempting to con the public with “perpetual motion machines.” Yet to everyone that has ever walked into a joke or novelty shop, one little toy continues to demonstrate the veracity of “perpetual motion.” That little toy is the glass “drinking bird” containing a volatile fluid that causes it to swing back and forth due to vapour pressure and its internal design. When its beak comes in contact with water, the volatile fluid is condensed once more to liquid, lessoning the vapour pressure to repeat the cycle of bobbing up and down. This process will continue indefinitely without the input of any other energy that can be obtained from evaporating and cooling water. Heating the bottom part enhances the process, but is unnecessary. As long as the water holds out, the toy bird will bob up and down. Further, there is no violation of thermodynamics. There are other means of obtaining energy from natural sources without polluting the planet, poisoning the species and as a drawback to the ruling class, destroy capitalism by removing the means of accumulating profit. One of these ways is geothermal energy. Another is taking a mere loop of wire that is connected to a circuit and turning it in the geomagnetic field. A simple experiment will demonstrate that electricity can be derived from this means and no magnets are needed. Coupled with wind or water turbines, the wire loops can produce useable power without resorting to coal, oil or nuclear power.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of ideas that are held back because in reality, they are non-profitable. Most have been patented with prototypes. The prototypes are either smashed, records sometimes destroyed or they are sequestered out of view of the people. In order to bring more appropriate technology to the fore, capitalism must once and for all, be laid to rest forever. There is no third path as this has been proven in the history of the last two centuries. Capitalism and a healthy planet for all living things cannot co-exist due to the intrinsic contradiction to the established order of the bourgeoisie. This means that in order to have a healthy planet, capitalism has to be removed from interfering with everything and everyone. Attempts in history have been made, but so far have met with failure because it was not removed globally. Working people have risen up time and time again in a bid to change the world order, but so far this has failed. Starting with the French Revolution, which was inspired by the American Revolution, we see the bourgeoisie and middle classes taking the state and power from the monarchy and church with the aid of labour and peasants. The revolutions were seized by these forces and the workers were instruments of that seizure, later betrayed by the leading forces. Then there are the smaller European attempts at revolution in the mid 19th century that were crushed by the bourgeoisie. In 1905 there was the first attempt at a Russian revolution and 12 years later, the successful revolution in the same country. Even there, the bourgeoisie attempted to crush it, succeeding only under Stalin’s capitulation to “socialism in one country.” Between the years of 1989 to 1992, the deformed workers states started to fall apart under the pressures imposed by that chief capitalist state, the US. By 1992, it was history. Between the initial success of the USSR and its demise arose a number of degenerate workers states modeled on the degeneracy of Stalin’s philosophy and “socialism in one country.” Of these, we see N. Vietnam, China, N. Korea and Cuba still in existence, but with problems of their own. China is drifting more and more toward capitalism though clinging to the name of communism. Peasants are being driven off the land with no where to go for the sake of industrialization. Cuba’s leader, Castro is near to death and already forces are lining up to “reclaim” Cuba for capitalism. N. Korea can’t feed itself and corruption runs rife in the power structure. Only North Vietnam seems to have the fewest problems, but is courting the tourist dollar to prop up its economy. In every scenario, the problem is identical. There is an attempt to run a workers state in the midst of surrounding hostile capitalism. And capitalists put the squeeze one way or another on all of them with the ultimate goal of conquest. Therefore, the success of any workers’ revolution in present and/or future is entirely dependent on being globally international in extent. Anything less is bound for failure. Although it can be argued that monarchies and theocracies exist today, they are also scrutinized by capitalist imperialistic designs.

Various “leaders” of many political leanings suggest they will lead the workers to the insurrection and the post insurrectionary world. This is something that has already been done in history to the detriment of the working class. They point out that leadership requires training, which is true. The working class in the main is not educated to run the affairs of state and business, and this is done deliberately. An ignorant population is much easier to manipulate for any desired end than an educated working class. The educating the working class lesson of the 1960’s is what stands behind the dumbing down of post 1980’s society. As for “revolutionary leaders,” here we get into the role of education under capitalist society and how many of these leaders have been indoctrinated under that pro capitalist system. Fortunately, education is no longer restricted to capitalist universities and colleges. Increasingly, workers have the opportunity to self educate. They need only encouragement and interest will take care of the rest, but the negativity engendered under oppressive state and religious pedagogy must be overcome. Under capitalism, education is all about command and obey the failure complex and selective training for ones script, job and role under the rule of the bourgeoisie. For most this is reduced to Marx's equation where the worker must reproduce the next days labour and the next generation of workers and no more. Some workers are naturally curious as curiosity is not restricted by class distinction or divisions. These people naturally seek out information especially that which is censored, restricted or kept out of reach. From these workers come those that will lead the rest in a true working class international and global revolution. Also, many workers are pre-trained in the running of the machinery of the means of production and will form a necessary and integral function in the world transformation at hand, which includes the Leninist concept of smashing the bourgeois state apparatus. Part of that transformation will be toward a planned economy that works in harmony with nature instead of exploiting it for greatest individual gain. New ways prohibited under profiteering will be put to use to work with nature instead of against it.

Revolution by the entire global workforce is necessary. This is the only thing that will succeed in making the necessary change away from capitalism. This must be entirely done by the workers of the world and not led by any pretenders to an enlightened new age of which there are many. These same people bear an unmistakable mark that is identical to that of the capitalists and that is dividing the workers along various lines, making out that each is the enemy of the others. This ultimately leads to placing workers in a divide against one another and perpetuates that most monstrous ways of capitalist profiteering, which is war. We must turn as a block against the real enemies of the working class no matter how they profess themselves to the contrary. Actions speak louder than words and acts we must judge and action commit!

This work is a call to workers who understand the true nature of society and to educate the rest toward a real workers' revolution. It is not an easy task, but completely necessary to prevent a new succession of pretenders from taking power and keeping things more or less as they are due to lack of vision and experience. Only a miner can understand what mining is all about. No petty highly educated bureaucrat never having mined a single day in their life can comprehend what it means to mine. The same understanding is true for any other working endeavour of life whether farming, fishing, manufacture, service or communications! It must also be true for a workers revolution! No one from a class other than the working class can understand what it means to be a worker, nor can they truly represent the working class. They can only represent what they understand and their own interests. That has been the repeated lesson of history that by and large was not grasped. Politicians use this trick to deceive workers every day. Only a handful of visionaries who identified with the workers, the true Vanguard, even joining them, understood this fact, that is, it is necessary for workers to make their own revolution. It is only through such an act that the workers can band together around the world to clean up the mess of the old order and start ways of cleaner, earth friendly production that does exist.

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