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Ground Rules and our goal as a political and discussion group

Some ground rules about this site. This forum is not a site for pokes, fluffy pets, games and the like. If you like that, as I do, Facebook is the place for that. Here we are going to get involved in serious discussion on political and economic issues and where we as a class need to go in the world.

Here are some links for research and reading purposes to get us in the correct perspective. More will be added as we go along.

Is the Bible and other sacred texts really out of date?

Marxist ideas and Transcendentalism seem to be infinitely set apart, but are they really?

We could all learn from the Communist Manifesto!

Understanding communism for what it really is as opposed to what we have been taught

This is enough for now. If the links don’t work; 1. report problems, 2. copy and past in the web search bar usually near the top of a web browser.

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