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There are many myths about capitalism. Some see capitalism as the greatest economic system ever conceived, while others see at as the anarchy of the marketplace and a huge burden on nature. Some argue that communism is not conducive to creating peace, but it is capitalism that profits from war. This work is written to clarify what these myths are and what the reality of capitalism is; thus the title; Capitalism as it is. Capitalism is an evolved invention of the bourgeoisie and bankers that developed over the centuries, particularly with trade, money changing, and the industrial and bourgeois revolutions. Today, capitalism penetrates every aspect of life from science, finance, education, media, work, invention, conflict, politics, religion and the life of individuals. Karl Marx defined labor value and abstracted labor value and the later is crucial for the understanding of and the development of capitalism from its healthy laissez-faire stage to the degenerate form of economic fascism of international imperialist capitalism.

The Nature of the Beast.

"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles."
(Karl Marx; the Communist Manifesto, Chapter 1)

The opening line of the Communist Manifesto thus declares that class struggle is the source of war and this is why we have no peace. This statement is still true today, thus the ideas of Karl Marx are as relevant now as they were over 150 years ago. In "Das Kapital" Marx argued that this alienation of human work and resulting commodity fetishism is precisely the defining feature of capitalism. Prior to capitalism, markets existed in Europe where producers and merchants bought and sold commodities. According to Marx, a capitalist mode of production developed in Europe when labor itself became a commodity; when peasants became free to sell their own labor power, and needed to do so because they no longer possessed their own land. People sell their labor power when they accept compensation in return for whatever work they do in a given period of time. In other words, they are not selling the product of their labor, but their capacity to work. In return for selling their labor power they receive money, which allows them to survive. Those who must sell their labor power are "proletarians". The person, who buys the labor power, is generally someone who "owns" the land, the means of production - technology to produce, is a "capitalist" or "bourgeois". The proletarians inevitably outnumber the capitalists and the bourgeois.

Marx distinguished industrial capitalists from merchant capitalists. Merchants buy goods in one market and sell them in another. Since the laws of supply and demand operate within given markets, there is often a difference between the price of a commodity in one market and another (part of the anarchy of capitalism). Merchants, then, practice arbitrage, and hope to capture the difference between these two markets. According to Marx, capitalists, on the other hand, take advantage of the difference between the labor market and the market for whatever commodity is produced by the capitalist. Marx observed that in practically every successful industry input unit costs are lower than output unit prices. Marx called the difference "surplus value" and argued that this surplus value had its source in surplus labor, the difference between what it costs to keep workers alive and what they can produce.

Capitalism is capable of tremendous growth because the capitalist can, and has an incentive to; reinvest profits in new technologies and capital equipment. The laborer figures in this equation, only as an appendage to the technology to run machines for a maintenance wage. Marx considered the capitalist class to be the most revolutionary in history, because it constantly improved the means of production. But Marx argued that capitalism was prone to periodic crises. He suggested that over time, capitalists would invest more and more in new technologies, and less and less in labor. Since Marx believed that surplus value appropriated from labor is the source of profits, he concluded that the rate of profit would fall even as the economy grew. When the rate of profit falls below a certain point, the result would be a recession or depression in which certain sectors of the economy would collapse. Marx thought that during such a crisis the price of labor would also fall, and eventually make possible the investment in new technologies and the growth of new sectors of the economy.

Marx believed that this cycle of growth, collapse, and growth would be punctuated by increasingly severe crises. Moreover, he believed that the long term consequence of this process was necessarily the enrichment and empowerment of the capitalist class and the impoverishment of the proletariat. He believed that if the proletariat were to seize the means of production, they would encourage social relations that would benefit everyone equally and a system of production less vulnerable to periodic crises such as the crises of overproduction that haunts capitalism. In general, Marx thought that peaceful negotiation of this problem was not practical, and that a massive well organized violent revolution would be required, because the ruling class would not give up power without struggle. Marxist thinkers see a period of dual power as necessary in order to affect the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is why peace cannot exist under class division between the bourgeois and the proletariat. In addition, capitalists profit highly from warfare and this usually pits workers from one nation state against workers in another nation state. He theorized that to establish the socialist system, a dictatorship of the proletariat, a period where the needs of the working class, not of capital, will be the common deciding factor.

Today, we hear much about the campaign to end poverty in the world by 2015 within the context of the existing bourgeois order. But as surely as past efforts have totally failed, so too will this venture, especially considering the economic collapse of 2008-09 now rapidly unfolding and threatening 1.4 billion with starvation. The march to end poverty is in full and rapid retreat. The capitalist economy has caused 100 million newly unemployed around the world to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If we continue to depend on the poverty making system of capitalism to end poverty, we will wait forever while sinking ever deeper in the morass of despair and unparallel terror. We have seen Farm Aid, AIDS aid, Africa Aid, End Child Poverty all come and go, but none of these situations has been corrected permanently. We have seen the Malaysian tsunami relief effort and the hurricane Katrina relief effort founder in seas of corruption, theft and inaction. The Malaysian tsunami struck on Dec. 26th, 2004 and many years later as of this writing, two thirds of the victims are still waiting for basic help with shelter, food, clothing and medical aid. Help to New Orleans after Katrina that struck in the summer of 2005 was also slow or non-existent. Upon reviewing this writing, many Katrina victims are still also waiting many years later. Many tens of thousands of the poorer residents were simply barred from returning. We have been sold on super foods of high breeding and genetically modified organisms ostensibly created to end hunger, but there is more hunger than ever. There is something definitely wrong!

Time and time again, we here calls to eliminate poverty and each attempt ends in failure. Calls for donations for people stricken by drought, war, disease and disaster all end in similar ways. The targeted people of the donations see only a trickle of the flood of support and this is distributed unequally. Food aid, medical aid, financial aid all wind up never reaching those who need it the most. Charity as run by capitalist interests is just another profit making scheme. By law; at least in the US and Canada, the organizers of charity are only required to hand over 10 percent of their proceeds to the ones it was collected for. The other 90 percent is kept “for expenses”, like administration, advertising and the fancy lifestyle of the top charity bureaucrats. Most of the donations of the 10 percent for the people targeted disappear en route. Many scandals have erupted over how food aid is confiscated and resold, never reaching the victims. The same is true for monetary donations. It winds up in the hands of the criminal element or of the warlords. Locally, politicians squabble over who is responsible for taking care of the homeless when their policies guarantee people will become homeless, such as the elimination of the social safety net in favor of increased war spending and bailouts for banks and the top companies. Further, as they are supporters of capitalist norms and developers, they will favor building homes for profit rather than genuine need. Even bone cracking chill is not enough to cause definitive action beyond squabbling. Solutions come late if at all. As for a hurricane situation, no shelter is offered as it’s not cold enough, so the homeless person is left to be carried away by the winds, crushed by wind toppled trees or shredded by falling blown out glass. That situation was made plain by the hurricane Katrina disaster. This news is suppressed or kept quite. On Christmas we are told to exercise good will toward all including the poor. At any other time of the year we can spit on the poor and treat them horribly. In the face of this anti-poor activity, the shrill promise to end poverty rings hollow. In the latest campaign to pressure politicians to end poverty by 2015 will also end in failure like all previous campaigns to end poverty, unless a great revolutionary social transformation occurs first. Under the current regime of capital, the end of poverty will never occur. To the antithesis, it will increase as this current collapsing economy now demonstrates!

There are many reasons why poverty will remain the offspring of capitalism. The main reason is built into the nature of capitalist acquisition itself. Then there is the necessity of poverty to drive up profits under capitalism. Surplus production is both a boon and a bane to capitalism and it is this conflict that guarantees the existence of poverty. Capitalism has built into it, the anarchy of market production. Due to competition, information can only pass around via trade spies. Each sector of capitalist production has its own boom and bust cycle that seldom matches the timing of other independent sectors. In resource industries there may be a bust due to low prices, discouraging production, even though finished products are in a boom cycle. Without raw resources, the finished product cannot be fully manufactured. The result is vast quantities of unfinished production and high prices on the few that are available despite the surplus, uncompleted as it is, waiting to flood the market. The opposite is also true; i.e., lots of raw resources but few completed products due to low demand. The result is a glut of raw materials and what should be, but not necessarily so, collapsing prices. As there is no centralized planning, each particular capitalist manufacturing interest operates on its own independent cycle, seldom aligning with the highs and lows of other economic sectors. Each sector employs workers who are hired and fired due solely on the popularity and availability of materials and the capital that can be accrued there from. The capitalist wants to have the highest profit possible and that is difficult when there is low demand or availability. The worker suffers on both sides of the equation from unemployment to high prices and sometimes both together. The end result is a constant substandard level of living. The existence of the poor and keeping the employees ignorant of the real causes, guarantees low wages paid out by capitalist bosses. Unionization is discouraged and fought against tooth and nail by every legal trick there is and by tactics of prejudicing the case for unionization by red baiting. The top union brass has long sold out to the capitalist and established an aristocracy of labor, but it is now being gutted and destroyed, leaving little left by way of a union. Fundamentalist religion plays a part by telling us “that there will always be poor among us.”

Capitalism must continually expand in order to generate profit, which is the "holy grail" of the bourgeoisie. In order to grow, something else must give way to make room. When "free" growing space runs out, then someone else’s space must be taken. This is what the purpose of war is. It is two fold. To grow into someone else's space by brutality and imperialist means to rob the invaded and to destroy old markets in an act to create new ones. The result of this expansionism is robbery on a grand scale, where huge numbers of people are left destitute. Capitalism is thus a poverty making system for almost everyone, especially the peasant, the farmer and the worker. The rulers of the capitalist system view anyone subordinate to them as expendable. Marx defined this as variable capital as opposed to the tools of the means of production as fixed capital. Thus, the war against poverty is translated into a war against the poor. Since bourgeois capitalism is a poverty making system, it cannot be relied to cure or end poverty. It can be relied on to continually cause war for profit.

Next Chapter (below) is: Poverty: The Best & Most Effective Form of Censorship

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Comment by William Prest on December 31, 2009 at 1:07am
The Necessity of Dual Power

A Step to World Transformation: Toward Proletarian Rule

Of all the important and necessary steps to save the planet and humanity, is the establishment of dual power. This is the first and necessary step away from the imperialist capitalist rape of the planet and humanity and toward an egalitarian society where economic democracy is the norm as opposed to the rule of oligarchs who hog almost the sum of all that is produced by the toilers of the world. There is a very simple way to effect this, and all it takes is the simultaneous co-operation of the worlds toilers, farmers, peasants and the dispossessed. That way is to occupy all factories, all businesses, communication, military installations, all mines, all distribution centers like malls, banks, all fields, all residences and all transport networks and shut out the bosses, the CEOs, the bankers and the swindlers of humanity who identify themselves as the so called owners of the means of production and landlords; meaning they own all the land. The occupation must be total and unflinching. It must be done by the majority of the toilers the world over without respect to nationality or state sponsored borders. What is to be done is as follows;

1.A general and international wildcat strike.
2.Occupation of all production and useful facilities.
3.A support network functioning inside and out.
4.Securing and locking out of all of this from meddling by the ousted bourgeoisie and their appointed supporters.
5.Winning and using the support of the military rank and file.
6.Refusal to negotiate terms with the bourgeoisie, their appointees and insisting on unconditional surrender.

The strike to achieve dual power is the bid to depose the existing world order and replace it with proletarian power and to do this, the stage of dual power must be initiated and maintained until the old order collapses. This strike must be a general wild cat strike, free from the meddling manipulations of the orchestrated ineffectual choreographed strikes of the existing powers, bosses, lawyers, courts, police, politicians, corrupt union bureaucrats and anyone appointed and representing their cause against the toilers.

Occupation of all useful facilities means just as it sounds; a take over of all useful facilities and infrastructure and a unilateral lock out of all bosses, self declared landlords and owners of the means of production over the entire face of the planet. Occupation means living in the facilities with an armed and defensive cadre on a continual basis to the end that the self proclaimed owners of the collected stolen property is unconditionally surrendered to the toilers and real producers. The self proclaimed owners must surrender all they have stolen and handed down by heredity to their offspring who perpetrate this terrible injustice; an injustice where the self proclaimed owners take almost everything and leave billions with nothing. Occupation also includes winning over the rank and file cadre of the armed forces who will enforce the will of the toilers at the point of a gun. Make not mistake, the rulers of the world have defended their ill gotten gains with all the violence we have seen throughout history, so an armed proletariat is absolutely necessary. As the rank and file of the military is drawn out of the toilers, the appeal is to not shoot their own mothers and families, but to overturn their commanding officers instead.

A support network means a linkage between all occupied resources and an active trade is conducted so that everyone is feed and given medical treatment by need and on demand. It follows that the brigades running these networks will have to take self defensive measures. Brigades will be formed from those occupying and will serve as runners between productive facilities.

The enemy is insidious and full of lying promises. They have an appeal, even when thy have lost all power, because of the programming of the people who will relent to their system of thievery and oppression if they are not led by a strong vanguard to prevent such a tendency. The bourgeoisie is not above training “Trojans” to penetrate the ranks of the toilers to misdirect them as has been proven in countless one issue reform issues that serve to tire and burn out people seeking justice. These Trojans are spies and police informants if not police themselves who penetrate to spread confusion and distension. If such a person is found, the council of toilers must collectively decide their fate. In a theatre of war, this usually means a firing squad. Sometimes these Trojans will lie quietly awaiting the right opportunity to allow the enemy outside to penetrate and destroy. Each and every member must be subject to intense ongoing scrutiny to avoid such a possibility.

If the military is not on side, one of the highest priorities is to win over the support of the rank and file of the military; and as they are drawn from the ranks of the proletariat, the appeal to over ride the orders of their self appointed masters must be used to turn them on the side of their own birth source and right and against their tyrannical masters who serve only the oligarchs and the profit that comes from mass slaughter and the shock doctrine of disaster capitalism.

Finally, the only condition for peace is the unconditional surrender of the bourgeoisie and the relinquishment of all claims that they make for their own benefit. Subsequently they must be handed over to councils of the proletariat in order to be tried and judged for all crimes against humanity and nature, the punishment for which shall be decided in common by the toilers.

Today we see the action of a lot of causes that have a large rank and file of followers and their leaders. The leaders almost without exception, think that they can obtain their goals within the context of capitalist economy and the bourgeois politic. These groups are ones like environmentalist activist, animal rights popular fronts, protests and demonstrations for the right of using marijuana, the various critics of the Sept., 11th, 2001 attack on the world trade center, housing rights issues, unemployment and welfare demos, Native rights, anti-racist demos, anti-poverty demos, gay rights, woman's rights, walk-outs, lock-outs, choreographed strikes and many more seemingly ad infinitum. Most of these battles have raged on for decade after decade with little progress. This is due to the fact that capitalists stands fore-square against a lot of these issues as they will eat into profits. Misleaders of these various single cause issues are either plants to burn out good intentioned and ignorant people by marching them into the face of an armed police strike force, or they are ignorant of what is really required or they are opportunists seeking to be bought off or rewarded by the capitalists for a job well done on the people. They also march the people down the streets out of harms way and increasingly with the licenced permission of the capitalist state. As of 2009, with the collapse of the economy that saw the de-industrialization of America and Europe, a shameful demonstration of the total weakness and intellectuality of the union brass was aired on the big media. With the closure of a GM plant, the bosses were refusing to give severance pay and were openly removing the means of production in broad daylight in full view out of the plant to the new off-shore factory. There was no picket line to even slow the move-out. The union rank and file was completely missing, likely standing in an unemployment line at the union bosses suggestion. The union brass whined to the bosses for severance benefits while this was going on right in front of everyone's face. The bosses offered a small fraction and while the union brass whined, even this slipped out of their grasp. Now imagine what would have happened if the factory was occupied and none of the machinery of production got out. Few demonstration wind up inside the legislature, the factories, mines, fields, offices or the very center of the various oppositions to these movements or the targets of their protests. A few workers spontaneously come to the awareness and wildcat occupy a factory or mine to the consternation of the state, the armed police and state sponsored media. What is lacking is a united front against a common enemy and a decisive action that will turn the oligarchs and their supporters out onto the streets, into the councils of the proletariat for judgement and sentencing for crimes against humanity and nature.

To obtain the goal of world egalitarianism will require the force of dual power. The establishment in existence recognizes no authority other than their own and they must be forced into submission. There is no peaceful co-existence as born out by history. It is either a world of economic democracy for all humanity according to need or slavery dominated and controlled by a handful of oligarchs for individual profit to the loss of humanity and nature. There is no middle path and to think there is, is nothing more than mere illusion and self deception!
Comment by William Prest on August 24, 2012 at 6:00pm

Camaradas, estoy muy emocionada por los acontecimientos en su país y la esperanza de que será un éxito y se extendió desde allí. Tenga cuidado con los anyoneone que te llevan por mal camino. Publico esta pieza que escribí hace un tiempo en que Francia parecía que podía alejarse de la norma monetarista a la regla de la clase trabajadora. He aquí, pues es una pieza traducido para usted usando Google Translate. Espero que no pierda ninguno de los significados que yo pretendía.

La necesidad de energía dual

Un paso a la transformación del mundo: hacia el dominio del proletariado

De todos los pasos importantes y necesarios para salvar el planeta y la humanidad, es el establecimiento de un poder dual. Este es el primer y necesario paso lejos de la rapiña imperialista capitalista del planeta y de la humanidad y hacia una sociedad igualitaria donde la democracia económica es la norma en lugar de la regla de oligarcas que acaparan casi la suma de todo lo que es producido por los trabajadores de el mundo. Hay una forma muy sencilla de realizar esto, y todo lo que necesita es la co-operación simultánea de los trabajadores mundos, los agricultores, los campesinos y los desposeídos. De esta forma es ocupar todas las fábricas, todos los negocios, comunicación, instalaciones militares, todas las minas, todos los centros de distribución como centros comerciales, bancos, campos todos, residencias de todos y todas las redes de transporte y blanqueó a los jefes, directores ejecutivos, los banqueros y los estafadores de la humanidad que se identifican como los propietarios de los llamados de los medios de producción y los terratenientes, lo que significa que poseen toda la tierra. La ocupación debe ser total y sin fisuras. Debe ser hecho por la mayoría de los trabajadores en todo el mundo, sin respeto a las fronteras de nacionalidad o estado patrocinadas. Lo que hay que hacer es la siguiente;

1.A general y huelga salvaje internacional.
2.Occupation de toda la producción y lugares de interés.
3.A funcionamiento de la red de apoyo dentro y fuera.
4.Securing y bloqueo de todo esto de meterse por la burguesía y sus aliados derrocaron designados.
5.Winning y utilizar el apoyo de la jerarquía militar y el archivo.
6.Refusal a negociar un acuerdo con la burguesía, sus nombramientos e insistir en la rendición incondicional.

La huelga de alcanzar el poder dual es el intento de deponer al orden mundial existente y reemplazarlo con poder proletario y para ello, la etapa de potencia dual debe ser iniciado y mantenido hasta que se derrumba el viejo orden. Esta huelga tiene que ser una huelga general de gato salvaje, libre de las manipulaciones de los entrometidos orquestados ataques ineficaces coreografía de los poderes existentes, jefes, abogados, tribunales, la policía, los políticos, los burócratas sindicales corruptos y cualquier persona designada y que representa su causa en contra de los trabajadores.

La ocupación de todas las instalaciones útiles significa exactamente como suena: un hacerse cargo de todos los servicios útiles e infraestructura y un bloqueo unilateral de todos los jefes, auto declarado terratenientes y propietarios de los medios de producción en toda la cara del planeta. Ocupación significa vivir en las instalaciones con un cuadro armado y defensivas en forma continua a fin de que los autoproclamados dueños de la propiedad robada se recogen se rindieron incondicionalmente a los trabajadores ya los productores reales. Los propietarios autoproclamado debe entregar todo lo que han robado y transmitido por herencia a sus descendientes que perpetran esta terrible injusticia, una injusticia que los propietarios autoproclamado tomar casi todo y dejar miles de millones sin nada. Ocupación también incluye conquistar el rango y archivo de cuadros de las fuerzas armadas que harán cumplir la voluntad de los trabajadores en el lugar de un arma. Hacer no error, los gobernantes del mundo han defendido sus ganancias mal habidas con toda la violencia que hemos visto a lo largo de la historia, por lo que un proletariado armado sea absolutamente necesario. En cuanto a las bases de las fuerzas armadas se extrae de los trabajadores, el llamado es a no disparar sus propias madres y familias, sino para volcar sus oficiales al mando en su lugar.

Una red de apoyo significa un vínculo entre todos los recursos ocupados y un comercio activo se realizaron a fin de que todo el mundo está de alimentación y tratamiento médico dado por la necesidad y la demanda. De ello se desprende que las brigadas que ejecutan estas redes tendrán que tomar medidas de auto defensa. Brigadas se forma a partir de los ocupantes y servirá como corredores entre las instalaciones productivas.

El enemigo es insidiosa y llena de promesas mentirosas. Tienen una apelación, incluso cuando han perdido todo tu poder, debido a la programación de las personas que van a ceder a su sistema de robo y la opresión, si no son dirigidas por una vanguardia fuerte para evitar esta tendencia. La burguesía no está por encima de formación "troyanos" para penetrar en las filas de los trabajadores para desviar como se ha demostrado en un sinnúmero de un número Números de reforma que sirven para quemar neumáticos y las personas que buscan justicia. Estos troyanos son espías e informantes policiales si no la propia policía que penetran a sembrar la confusión y la distensión. Si una persona se encuentra, el consejo de trabajadores y agricultores en conjunto debe decidir su destino. En un teatro de la guerra, lo que generalmente significa un pelotón de fusilamiento. A veces, estos troyanos se acuesta en silencio esperando la oportunidad adecuada para permitir que el enemigo exterior para penetrar y destruir. Todos y cada miembro debe estar sujeta a un intenso escrutinio en curso para evitar esa posibilidad.

Si el ejército no está del lado de una de las más altas prioridades es conseguir el apoyo de las bases de las fuerzas armadas, y como ellos se han extraído de las filas del proletariado, la apelación a pasar por encima de las órdenes de su auto maestros nombrados debe ser utilizado para que se conviertan en el lado de la fuente nacimiento y derecho y en contra de sus amos tiránicos que sirven sólo a los oligarcas y los beneficios que provienen de la masacre en masa y la doctrina del choque del capitalismo del desastre.

Por último, la única condición para la paz es la rendición incondicional de la burguesía y la renuncia a todos los reclamos que hacen para su propio beneficio. Posteriormente, deben ser entregados a los consejos del proletariado con el fin de ser juzgado y juzgado por todos los crímenes contra la humanidad y la naturaleza, el castigo para el que se decidirán en común por los trabajadores.

Hoy vemos la acción de una gran cantidad de causas que tienen un rango grande y el archivo de los seguidores y sus líderes. Los líderes, casi sin excepción, piensan que pueden obtener sus objetivos en el contexto de la economía capitalista y la burguesía política. Estos grupos son unos como activista ecologista, derechos de los animales populares frentes, protestas y manifestaciones por el derecho de uso de la marihuana, los diversos críticos de septiembre, 11, 2001 ataque contra el World Trade Center, las cuestiones de derecho a la vivienda, el desempleo y el bienestar demos, derechos indígenas, demostraciones anti-racistas, demos de lucha contra la pobreza, los derechos de los homosexuales, los derechos de la mujer, walk-outs, cierres patronales, huelgas coreografiadas y muchos más aparentemente infinito. La mayoría de estas batallas han causado estragos durante década tras década, con pocos avances. Esto se debe al hecho de que los capitalistas se destaca delantera escuadra contra muchas de estas cuestiones, que van a comer en beneficios. Falsos dirigentes de estos temas causa varios son o plantas para quemar buenas personas intencionados e ignorantes, marchando ellos en la cara de una fuerza de policía paro armado, o son ignorantes de lo que realmente se necesita o que son oportunistas que tratan de ser comprados o recompensados ​​por los capitalistas por un trabajo bien hecho en el pueblo. También marchar a la gente por las calles fuera de peligro y cada vez más con el permiso con licencia del estado capitalista. A partir de 2009, con el colapso de la economía que vio la desindustrialización de América y Europa, una demostración vergonzosa de la debilidad total y la intelectualidad de la cúpula sindical fue ventilado en los grandes medios. Con el cierre de una planta modificada genéticamente, los jefes se negaban a dar indemnización por despido y fueron abiertamente la eliminación de los medios de producción en plena luz del día a la vista de la planta para el nuevo off-shore fábrica. No hubo piquetes para frenar incluso la mudanza. Los miembros del sindicato estaba completamente ausente, situación probable en una cola del paro, a propuesta sindicato patronal. El latón sindicato se quejó a los jefes de prestaciones por despido, mientras esto sucedía justo en frente de la cara de todos. La patronal ofreció una pequeña y mientras el bronce sindicato se quejó, aunque esta se deslizó fuera de su alcance. Ahora imagina lo que hubiera pasado si la fábrica fue ocupada y ninguno de los mecanismos de producción bajó. Demostración Pocos terminan dentro de la legislatura, las fábricas, las minas, campos, oficinas o en el centro mismo de las diversas oposiciones a estos movimientos o los objetivos de sus protestas. Unos pocos trabajadores vienen espontáneamente a la conciencia y el gato montés ocupar una fábrica o una mina para consternación del Estado, la policía armada y los medios de comunicación patrocinados por el estado. Lo que falta es un frente unido en contra de un enemigo común y una acción decisiva que convertirá a los oligarcas y sus partidarios a las calles, en los consejos del proletariado para el juicio y la condena por crímenes contra la humanidad y la naturaleza.

Para obtener el objetivo del igualitarismo mundo requerirá la fuerza del poder dual. La creación en existencia no reconoce ninguna autoridad que no sea su propio y deben ser forzados a la sumisión. No hay convivencia pacífica como nace la historia. O bien es un mundo de democracia económica para toda la humanidad según las necesidades o la esclavitud dominado y controlado por un puñado de oligarcas para beneficio individual a la pérdida de la humanidad y la naturaleza. No hay camino intermedio y pensar que hay, no es más que mera ilusión y autoengaño!


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