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Usury Free Economy

This popped up and they have been around since 2001. This is a good idea that needs to be pursued!

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Bankers vs the Producers of the world

Bankers are in competition for your money, which is something of a misnomer as the script in circulation is made up by them by "pulling value out of thin air". The real values are what the working people and their support network produce. We require a worker centered economy and value exchange system independent of the banks and their competitors, the credit unions. The credit unions are tied into the big private banks, so choosing them is just removing ones self a mere step further from the…


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Call to Action! Don't Pay the Capitalist Bankers Interest on Debt!

Supreme Interest Gouging the Poor


Capitalist bankers fly in the face of all that is humane and just. They attempt to make themselves rich by drawing wealth out of thin air. This of course is impossible, but this does not stop them. In reality, all wealth is created by the toilers of the…


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