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A Call For a Jubilee Economic Revolt

A Call For a Jubilee Economic Revolt

An unannounced and undeclared war has been building in our midst since the so called “Reagan revolution.” Recently, with the developer craze erupting in our midst, the war on the poor has escalated. The war on poverty is thus really a war on the poor. Around the continent, the war has gotten hot in many places. This has to change and several groups have entered the fray among which is the 144k activists…


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All self professed Christians need to consider this!

Here is a post from a controversy swirling in Tennessee. The Christian left appears to be growing. Bear in mind that humane changes must be founded on material needs and in line with secular issues of great importance. Mere pie in the sky by and by is not enough and a lie.…


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Turning Poor People into Criminals

Entrapment and Charges with no Recourse Before a Possible Crime is Committed


This story has its beginning On May 29, 2011 on or about 1:11 PM with a moment of confusion that ends with criminal charges of “theft under $5,000” within sections 322…


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The Necessity of Tolerance

Those who wish to control others by ignorance, censorship and fear, do so by dividing us into identifiable groups that are profiled, demonized, sequestered and then tortured, murdered, and harvested for whatever value they may have including organs for recycling. History is written in blood, paranoia, irrational fears, prejudice and genocides. The reasons are complex, but identifiable within the imperialist capitalist context and range from cutting costs, alienating the… Continue

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