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A Call For a Jubilee Economic Revolt

A Call For a Jubilee Economic Revolt

An unannounced and undeclared war has been building in our midst since the so called “Reagan revolution.” Recently, with the developer craze erupting in our midst, the war on the poor has escalated. The war on poverty is thus really a war on the poor. Around the continent, the war has gotten hot in many places. This has to change and several groups have entered the fray among which is the 144k activists…


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The Right Way To Unlock Protected Pdf File.

Convenient To Make * Many people are scared of do-it-yourself and imagine by which something like building a magnetic motor is more very confusing than it would be. The fact is considered to be anybody is ready of discovering the way to build a magnetic field generator. Every bit they need with do is follow by the in order to understand follow step at step guide in addition , it could feel finished in your own few hours. All the easy-to-follow tools and guides can be in many instances be… Continue

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Ppi Refunds Nonetheless Feasible So Assert.

Have you been experienced a mis-marketed mortgage above the last 6 a long time? If your response is affirmative, then you'll claim back PPI insurance plan. PPI/Payment Protection Coverage is used to squeeze customers' cash off their wallets that they are going to scarcely even manage. Even so, if administered appropriately, it will be of nice financial gain to the customer. they guide plenty shut in a person fails to kind the payments authorized by the creditors.

Presently, the market… Continue

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Techniques To Raise Your Youtube Sights

When you make a video you will need to keep in mind to have a connect with to motion at the stop. Of program you want to inform people about your internet site, and urge them to go to, but there are a good deal of people today that never want to go to your internet site proper absent, and want to poke all over your channel, and get to know you far better. So in your connect with to action also tell them to subscribe to your channel to be the to start with to get your new movie written content… Continue

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Strange facts about History, Nostradamus, the Messiah and the anti-Messiah

Here is a series of four line verses from Nostradamus about the Messiah and the anti-Messiah. There are two links, one specific to the Messiah and the other specific to the anti-Messiah. The one on the Messiah contains the link in the historic flow to the anti-Messiah.

The Messiah:

The anti-Messiah…


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The Intensity of Unfolding Events is Accelerating

Here are some references about the impending fiscal cliff that will plunge the 47% into total poverty while taxes are increased to support oppression abroad.

This info brought to you byl…


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Canadians! Civil Liberties Under Attack

Unknown to most, a quiet campaign by the Harper administration is afoot to curtail civil liberties and rights in Canada. Harper will not tolerate further criticism of the way he is doing things. Stephen Harper has a controversial record of rule at best, given robocall scandals, the perouging of parliament, 2010 and being in contempt on two occasions, it is little wonder that he would like to place a limit on freedom of expression. Given the current state of the economy and Canada's role in…


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The Rothshild's desire to retake Iran

After plenty of research, I found an interesting fact emerge that was buried in modern history concerning Iran. Here is the curious story about Iran and its relationship with the Rothschild financiers. It is a wonder that no one has commented on this before directly, but hinted at it only!…


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Vancouver Police Dept. Guilty of Using Torture to Quash Free Speech!

On the evening of the June 22nd, 2012, VPD arrested five peaceful demonstrators on largely bogus charges and then proceeded to torture their prisoners. We demand that all police officers involved account for their action and show cause as to why they should not be terminated! The story is posted at the following link.…


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Issue resolved, latest iss is available

You can find an html version of vol 1 iss 19 at;

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The Necessity of Tolerance

Those who wish to control others by ignorance, censorship and fear, do so by dividing us into identifiable groups that are profiled, demonized, sequestered and then tortured, murdered, and harvested for whatever value they may have including organs for recycling. History is written in blood, paranoia, irrational fears, prejudice and genocides. The reasons are complex, but identifiable within the imperialist capitalist context and range from cutting costs, alienating the… Continue

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