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Corporation Loans For We With Bad Credit.

"The defendants did don't you tell the financial the truth something like the loans so comprised the mortgage pools," underlying some of the securities, the Irs Home Loan Banking institution alleged. While it believed them was acquiring "safe" securities, "in issue the bank acquired a toxic stew of doomed residence loan loans," according to the complaint.

Distributors are motivated by securing car sales so will help you find a credit result you can spend. Unlike banks and building… Continue

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Strange facts about History, Nostradamus, the Messiah and the anti-Messiah

Here is a series of four line verses from Nostradamus about the Messiah and the anti-Messiah. There are two links, one specific to the Messiah and the other specific to the anti-Messiah. The one on the Messiah contains the link in the historic flow to the anti-Messiah.

The Messiah:

The anti-Messiah…


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The Rothshild's desire to retake Iran

After plenty of research, I found an interesting fact emerge that was buried in modern history concerning Iran. Here is the curious story about Iran and its relationship with the Rothschild financiers. It is a wonder that no one has commented on this before directly, but hinted at it only!…


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Bankers vs the Producers of the world

Bankers are in competition for your money, which is something of a misnomer as the script in circulation is made up by them by "pulling value out of thin air". The real values are what the working people and their support network produce. We require a worker centered economy and value exchange system independent of the banks and their competitors, the credit unions. The credit unions are tied into the big private banks, so choosing them is just removing ones self a mere step further from the…


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Incrementing Toward Pension Austerity: Media Propaganda in Collaboration with the Canadian NWO Profit Agenda

Typical of corporatist media economic CTV is spin doctoring, the Canadian masses are collectively getting a lopsided view of an impending baby boomer retirement tsunami that threatens to implode the Canadian economy. According to repeated media reports, the baby boomer retirement generation will soon form a huge influx of those receiving pensions while there are less young workers as a tax base to support all the…


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Call to Action! Don't Pay the Capitalist Bankers Interest on Debt!

Supreme Interest Gouging the Poor


Capitalist bankers fly in the face of all that is humane and just. They attempt to make themselves rich by drawing wealth out of thin air. This of course is impossible, but this does not stop them. In reality, all wealth is created by the toilers of the…


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