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A Call For a Jubilee Economic Revolt

A Call For a Jubilee Economic Revolt

An unannounced and undeclared war has been building in our midst since the so called “Reagan revolution.” Recently, with the developer craze erupting in our midst, the war on the poor has escalated. The war on poverty is thus really a war on the poor. Around the continent, the war has gotten hot in many places. This has to change and several groups have entered the fray among which is the 144k activists…


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The World of CIA Intrigue has Revealed an International Cabal of Crimes Against Humanity via Extraordinary Rendition.

Follow the international trail to secret black sites where torture is conducted like any other business with some unexpected bed partners.

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In Answer to Zeitgeist

Technocracy has not been, nor is, nor will be the panacea for the betterment of humanity. Although the concern for the equitable distribution of resources is paramount in the solving of human problems, there remains an encumbrance to the effecting that necessity. That encumbrance is the conservative, hide-bound power elite and their military structures entrenched around the world in…


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Class War

This updated article is now located at;

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