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Why the Left and Working Class Must Embrace Environmental Issues

This is a thoroughly cross linked article concerning the harm done to the earth by the current capitalist system and why it must be replaced and what we need to do.

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Britain's Hung Parliament

Yes! It's a hung parliament, but unfortunately there was no rope involved. There wasn't even a tour of the gallows. Considering the crimes

against the unemployed, the coal miners and the poor, they should

have been shown the ropes at the local collieries. If this were not

enough, the British capitalists are about as non-green as a

capitalist can get. According to…


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Dual Power in the Struggle for Worker's Power in Nepal

“You must come to Kathmandu with shroud cloth wrapped around your heads and flour in your bags.

It will be our last battle. If we succeed, we survive, else it will be the end of our party.” —

General Secretary Badal of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Though we are not Maoist in orientation, nevertheless…


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