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Is Salvation in Christ Selfishly Motivated?

What the Churches are Not Saying: A Call to Believers to Leave the Synagogue of Satan

Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, have heard the Gospel, but what exactly have they heard? We are warned about deception throughout the Bible with…


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This is the Link to Our Platform

The Essence of the Real Gospel;

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All self professed Christians need to consider this!

Here is a post from a controversy swirling in Tennessee. The Christian left appears to be growing. Bear in mind that humane changes must be founded on material needs and in line with secular issues of great importance. Mere pie in the sky by and by is not enough and a lie.…


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The Liberation Social Bible: What almost all Christians don't know and/or won't tell

Here is the link to the pdf of the Liberation Bible Dictionary with references to a lot of social questions that are not addressed by the churches and ministers in existence. Those that dare to use these quotes risk a lot, like excommunication and assassination. This is a work in progress and categories are being added almost daily. This is the current link:…


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