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Arresting the Banksters and Ending Their Cabal: When and How

Iceland has done it, but so far no action has been taken in the rest of the Capitalist world, especially in the UK and US where corruption continues to be rife and obvious. There are petitions circulating calling for the arrest of the banksters, but this so far appears to be within the context of capitalism and as a result is a futile request and an impossible reform. It could not even be a transitional demand because to effect this, the working class is going to…


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A classic women in revolution scenario in Iceland

Here we can read about the Iceland Heroines who led the charge of the revolution that is being censored by the corporate media and Facebook. It is posted here to keep it alive.

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Iceland workers have set the example that the rest of us should very seriously consider

The link to news from Iceland can be found here. In one of the articles, we learn once more that women are leading the revolution.

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