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The Revolutionary Liberation Gospel Assembly Rules of Conduct, Constitutional Issues, Demands etc.


History has demonstrated that from time to time and from location to location, assemblies of like minded people gathered to put down in concrete form, their ideas, ideals and principles by which they want to live collectively toward the greatest possible freedom and good of the assembly by individual and collectively while equally taking responsibility for all that is necessary to support the whole assembly. These agreed upon charters became the backbone of many constitutions and charter of rights. No time, nor location has existed where some form of this has not been debated, decided and formed into laws that were then used to direct the assemblies and societies thereof. We borrow from many of these sources with the idea that limitations are removed and that rights, responsibilities and freedoms are enhanced.

The Constitutional Regulations

Let it be known that the principles of this assembly are based on long standing tradition of an egalitarian society where the needs of all active producers and their,families and loved ones, are met in a manner that does not detract from other members, their families and loved ones in the assembly by way of necessity and freedoms in an economic democracy that all value. Thus we stand in contradistinction to the existing and emerging hierarchical structures that stand in antithesis to rights and freedoms even if stated as existing. We hold the following ideas sacred.

  • The right to the freedom of thought, speech and assembly for any purpose so long as that does not limit, remove or stop these freedoms for others in the assembly, individually, in part or in whole. All expression in constitutional assemblies is effected via a talking stick where the holder of said stick gets to speak without interruption and cross talk. Cross talk can only happen when the talking stick is not in use. By virtue of this, the maximum number in a basic assembly is thirteen (13) so as to allow all members an opportunity to speak. Any assembly cell larger than thirteen (13) will split into two or more smaller groups. One elected representative from each assembly group will interface at the next level with other elected representatives from other assembly groups where the same rules of conduct apply. Each elected representative will be subject to immediate recall and a cell may elect to select a different representative for each interactive level of assembly. When thirteen (13) representatives exist for thirteen (13) existing basic assembly groups, then the thirteen representatives will vote among themselves for a member to represent the combined groups at the next level. This process amplifies so that the entire population of a given region is covered in totality.

  • The right to complete privacy of the person so long as that right is not used to limit, stop or cancel that of others in the assembly, individually, in part or in whole.

  • The right and the responsibility attached there too in the pursuit of goals, dreams, fulfilment and satisfaction without censure of others so long as that these pursuits are not done at the expense of others in the assembly individually, in part or in whole.

  • The right and responsibility of the person or a group in the assembly to avoid the unreasonable investigation into the private affairs of others in the assembly.

  • The right to produce for ones necessary use and the prohibition of the removal of that by others through terror, bullying, prejudice or devices such as usury/interest and the deceitful manufacture of value out of thin air, the use of false promises and deceit.

  • The right to a fair hearing among all the peers in the assembly where issues of contention and violations of regulations arise and a humane settlement is sought.

  • The right to individual property necessary for survival without the threat of seizure and without due process, especially if said property was the result of the individuals productive efforts. The right of Habeus Corpus (an unbiased hearing) is one of the processes enshrined in this regulation.

  • The right of protection against unreasonable search and seizure and against unreasonable detention without cause and charge and against cruel and unusual punishments regardless of how these may be described. To this end, the use of torture defined as enhanced or intensive interrogation is prohibited. The use of torture for any reason is grounds for expulsion from the assembly. It is also acknowledged that where reasonable doubt exists, the accused is presumed innocent in the absence of solid, material or documentary evidence.

  • The right and freedom of belief, religious, scientific or otherwise in all pursuits to enhance that belief insofar as that does not limit, stop of eliminate that of others in the assembly, individually, in part or in whole.

  • The right to collective bargaining in any social setting where there are common goals and needs with the right to form a union in that context insofar as this is not done to limit, stop or eliminate that right for others in the assembly individually, in part or whole.

  • The right to defend oneself against unjust and unprovoked attack to the point of bearing arms against assault and bullying no matter what the source of that attack.

  • The right of a thorough, evidence based investigation from the assembly of voter/member appointed judge and jurors from the assembly, where issues of disagreement occur and a judgement of peers is formed based on the evidence on each case alone and not on hearsay, defamation, spectral evidence and hidden agendas.

  • The responsibility in a specialized situation, where all members grant a tithe of support to the individual or group that is membership appointed a specific task that takes them out of productive capacity for the duration of the appointed task. In the context of directing the assembly through a necessary situation, the production here is the successful outcome of the appointed task. Such tasks can include, but not limited to, court and juror duties, defence and investigations.

Why we are pursuing this course:

There are individuals, groups and organizations that work to prevent the majority from assuming and taking their rights as described above. They will penetrate the assemblies of like minded people with the intent to take over and/or destroy the assemblies from within. Their tactics cover the gamut of what is done politically, whether by creating a scandal from actual incidents or ones that are manufactured. The end is the same and that is to spread distension and encourage division in the ranks in order to render the assembly ineffectual. Within the context of recent occupy groups this has been effected by techniques such as the Delphi Technique, by personal attacks, spreading of malicious rumours, entrapment in compromising situations and a host of other tricks and maneuverings. In the context of the internet community, the technique of spamming is used to bury the truth and function of the organization in a landslide of irrelevant material. So long as the current class divided society exists, this will be an ongoing problem.

The purpose of this assembly is to seek out the truth by forums and peer discussion among equals and then to apply that truth in the revolutionary transformation of human society to a classless society. This forum is open to peer reviewed suggestions for the improvement of the basic constitutional regulations above. This is a place to discuss issues of philosophy, politics, economics and to seek out a way to build a positive world that affirms the majority of people, who are different, but without prejudices of race, belief, sex, sexual orientation, age, ability or any other label used to exclude people that is used by the elite to hold their power by dividing the human family. This is a forum that acknowledges the fact that corporatism and the profit motive is outmoded and is now counterproductive to humanity, nature, the health of the whole planet and that is incapable of progress due to being corrupt and morally bankrupt. Therefore it is not a forum that is oriented around advertizing for the sake of enriching an individual at the expense of the rest. As an assembly of equals that extends to the whole of the world and is international in scope, we have borrowed a list of demands that have arisen through history from the ranks of the world's real toilers, workers and producers ranging from input from the First Nations to various existing constitutions, national and international.

Occupation Workers' Party

The Occupation Workers' Party was formed out of the ashes and dissolution of the Occupy movements that have fractured into sectarian factions and gone their separate ways. The Occupy movements around the US and Canada have either been co-opted by various political interests or career seeking opportunists. They have left behind and jettisoned the very people they claimed to be helping. After the careerists got all their photo ops and an audience with the oppressive leaders of ruling political parties, they abandoned the very people they claimed to represent, such as the homeless, the poor, First Nations and many others. It is thus left to responsible, caring and politically aware people to do the job that the others have failed to do. That job is to organize, present a constitution and a list of demands to be made by the ruling tyrants of the world no matter how they may be self described.

The basic premise of this organization is to call to all workers to occupy all the places of production; the factories, mines, transportation, offices, communication centers, farms, warehouses and where ever else they work. In addition we call for a network of support between these places of production so that all workers receive what they need during the occupation. The objective of this plan is dual power to the end that the capitalist world order is brought down.

The Occupation Workers' Party makes the following demands.

  1. We demand the immediate forgiveness of all debts and that property confiscated via foreclosure or repossession from those formerly buying homes have said homes and property returned.

  2. We demand a bottom up economic democracy around the world; and equal share for all of the world's resources in a resource based economy with an end to fiat currency and interest bearing loans.

  3. We demand equal income for all, no disparity of income for any artificial or natural difference.

  4. We demand homes for all and an end to homelessness.

  5. We demand the arrest of bankers and CEOs, the so called 1% who have manipulated the economy for their own benefit and the demise of the so called 99%. (The actual figures for the elite are much lower than 1% and for the rest, more than 99%)

  6. We demand the end of all wars for resources and profits and that all deployed troops are removed from war occupations and returned immediately to their places of origin.

  7. We demand an investigation into alternative energy and the release of all confiscated and suppressed information and technology in regard to the means of using alternative energy. In this vein we demand the end of oil and nuclear based technologies with an immediate goal to phase them out completely while better technologies are built to replace them.

  8. We demand the development of processes that will reduce and eliminate harm to the environment as we are all dependant on a healthy earth. All productive processes must be scrutinized and examined under this guideline.

  9. We demand a full accounting of all activities on the part of the 1% and an opening of the real economic books.

  10. We demand and call for the cessation of lobbying and pay off schemes to influence the direction of legislation and politics. With that in mind, we demand the end of corporatism and monetarism

  11. We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners and an immediate investigation of all aspects of these cases with full access to all relevant information. For innocent prisoners wrongfully executed by the state, reparations paid to affected families. This is especially true in cases where no evidence exists or where internment was based on hearsay or spectral considerations.

  12. All unceded lands are to be returned to the original inhabitants in a fit state for living and no one can claim ownership of any portion of the planet. People of different cultures are to be respected for their cultures in a fully integrated society without ghettos.

  13. We demand the seizing off all assets of the 1% pending a thorough investigation as to the legitimacy of these same assets. Accounts of the 1% should be frozen pending a thorough investigation and the opening of the books.

  14. We demand a full investigation into secret projects such as HAARP, chemtrails, GMOs, Agenda 21, secret police and anything else that is a questionable and dangerous activity threatening the people and nature.

This list will develop through peer review and discussion as more need for change is uncovered.

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Just to emphasize a point, all individuals have the right to their own beliefs but should endeavor to substantiate that through research and behave in a manner that is not bullying toward anyone else who differs. Ours is an open approach, subject to debate. We welcome like minded folks of different backgrounds and beliefs regardless of whether they believe in religion or are totally secular in their beliefs.

Each and every member is encouraged to recruit and form cells of 13 individuals at the local level where a bottom up egalitarian society is founded. We have found that larger groups tend to get unwieldy, which is why we encourage smaller cells. There is no limitation on interacting between groups and this is also encouraged to keep everything on a level playing field. In the final analysis, no one represents an individual than that individual themselves and on that note, we need to work together across the 99% around the world to overturn the current disorder called capitalism. Forward to an international producer based egalitarian society. Seize your destiny! Marx said it best when he said, "Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains."

I have noticed a lot of promotional type articles for capitalist loan services, products and sports events and the like. This site is not about boosting capitalism, nor is it a site to cash in for personal gain. Many articles that do not fit into the program of RLG are deleted if they do not fit into our program. Either some folks are not reading the terms of service, or do not understand what we are about. For a refresher, RLG is a site where we promote revolutionary thought coming from secular and Christian sources, hence liberation theology. We understand that we all live in the context of capitalism and that an income has to be made, but we do not want promotional material here. Do that elsewhere and think about posting some genuine material along our protocol. Some posts have been passed as they are borderline promotions but not spam. Anything spammy will result in termination of membership.

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