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Anonymous by force and threat of death

The bourgeoisie wants to be discrete, furtive and covert. They hide themselves away unlike the newly rich who love to flaunt it much to the chagrin of the “old money”. The bourgeoisie do not like exposure and will do anything to avoid it. They hide away in fortified locations when they meet to do their dirty work, protected by police, sophisticated security systems and "prisons" designed to keep you and me out. They like to be invisible. Anyone who seeks to pry open the doors and expose them… Continue

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The Ancient Fight

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, (arcaz {Greek}, governments) against powers (exousiaz {Greek}, authorities), against the rulers (cosmocratoraz {Greek}, world rulers) of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (places of authority) Ephesians 6:12; Luke 1:50 - 53; James 5:1- 6; Matthew 23:12; Luke 14:11; Psalm 18:27

The above selection from the Bible is an answer to the sectarian divisions that were rife in the… Continue

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Una red proletaria (de la clase obrera) manejada por Proletarians

Español - Spanish

Más que en caulquier momento en la historia, gente de la clase obrera puede aprender alrededor, practicar, separar, organizar y desarrollar teoría y práctica marxistas. Esta red es una fundación y un foro a aprender alrededor y para separar las ideas del marxista, comunistas y socialistas en todo el mundo que se extienden de naciones industriales avanzadas al interior de regiones en desarrollo menos avanzadas y. Pues un trabajador del tiempo largo, que nunca… Continue

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Capitalism As It Is (Introduction)

There are many myths about capitalism. Some see capitalism as the greatest economic system ever conceived, while others see at as the anarchy of the marketplace and a huge burden on nature. Some argue that communism is not conducive to creating peace, but it is capitalism that profits from war. This work is written to clarify what these myths are and what the reality of capitalism is; thus the title; Capitalism as it is. Capitalism is an evolved invention of the bourgeoisie and bankers that… Continue

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Workers Vanguard article "Franz Mehring: On Historical Materialism"

Rerad the article located at;

This one may require some background research on your part, but it's well worth the read and I give it critical support.

Also, critical to clear understanding is the real understanding of communism. Please follow the link to an online presentation of the Communist Manifesto here.

Bear in mind that this… Continue

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Poverty as the Most Effective Means of Censorship

Poverty has been and is the most effective means of censorship. In a society where every conceivable relationship is governed by money, the lack thereof means exclusion from that relationship or transaction. This can be anything the ability to say something and be heard to acquiring enough food and/or water to survive. It also controls who can influence politics by various means like lobbying.

Money, that abstracted labour value, makes everything a controlled substance, even if that… Continue

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Revolution and Real Ecological Balance '06' (2nd revision '09')

The society that cannot live within its means is doomed to certain destruction. Such a society is the bourgeois order of capitalism. Capitalism in order to make profits must constantly expand to accumulate more in order to create profit. This expansion is accomplished in a variety of ways in various combinations. In a closed system like the confines of a country and indeed, a planet, the end of growth is reached when every last area and vestige of expansion, acquisition, accumulation and thus… Continue

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Understanding Communism

Communism derives from the root word of community. It is in reality about sharing all things together, each according to their ability to contribute and benefited according to each and every persons need in the collective whole. Needs and responsibility is shared across the breadth of the whole of the race in balance. There is no vast collection of wealth into a few hands, but it is spread equitably. The community of communist humanity is an extended family. In the ideal family, those who are… Continue

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Working together toward a Sustainable Environment

The links that you may find in the following piece do not work at this time. There is a massive re-organization due to block censorship! Otherwise, it is part of our proletarian duty to reverse the damage to nature and curtail the activities of those who ruin it for individual profit. It will take a revolution on the part of all of us to make this very necessary change. We can start now individually and remember to persevere in making the proletarian revolution!

A sustainable… Continue

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Transcendentalism and Marxism

In the 19th century, two philosophical views took hold; Transcendentalism and Marxism. Transcendentalism started in the United States while the country was in the throws of expansion into Indian Territory and before the civil war. Marxism began in one of the most turbulent periods of European history. The dust of the French Revolution was still settling and France and Prussia (now roughly Germany) were at war. England was busy extending and maintaining its imperial empire around the globe… Continue

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Karl Marx and his theory of alienation

The reality of alienation in the modern world is prevalent and can be seen everywhere. Alienation simply stated means separation from that which is desired or desirable. It floods the news channels and is seen in day to day life in our interactions with others. But Karl Marx's slant on the idea comes from his understanding in the context of capitalist modes of production for profit. It is this focus that allows us to see the source of alienation in its true context in society and how all other… Continue

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Concerning Matthew 25, some social ideas from the ancients

Let’s bear in mind that even though we quote from various scriptures that the members herein are by no means deceived by mythology and supernaturalism. We are hard core materialists and are using scriptures as a means to demonstrate that; 1. Materialism as an idea is older than most think and; 2. That we can use scripture to persuade those who are trained in the idealist and supernatural mindset to a more sensible view. This is not to discount the awesome power and spectacle of nature. All… Continue

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A verse from the past.

The beginning of the industrial revolution is also the start of humanitys fall from grace into an even deeper despair.Yes we might of been better of if there was no progress and the dark ages still loamed over our heads.Wake up the dark ages are still with us ,nothing has changed,the system of being a servant to our masters ,the lowely serf to his landowner.The system of subjecation.We are in nothing more then a universal caste system.Are we "lepers of society".Why?because our vote in a free… Continue

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Education under Class Division (3rd revision)

Education under capitalism is all about controlling the masses in an involuntary command and obey exchange. Mass education is also done as cheaply as possible. The masses are given only the education required to best serve their masters at any given time and circumstance and almost none that would allow them to survive on their own without the support of their masters. Despite our human intelligence, this can actually be used against the individual based upon what they are taught in their most… Continue

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A Proletarian (Working Class) Network Managed by Proletarians

More than any time in history, people from the working class can learn about, practice, spread, organize and develop Marxist theory and practice. This network is a foundation and forum to learn about and spread Marxist, communist and socialist ideas around the world ranging from advanced industrial nations to the outback of less advanced and developing regions. As a long time worker, who was never, is not now nor likely ever to be bourgeois, I stand in an unique position as a proletarian to… Continue

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Part of the revolution is the healing of the earth ravaged by greed for wealth and power.

There is a web page specifically addressing the issue of climate change and what must be done accessed via this link.

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