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Comparative Bible References: KJV, NIV, Douay-Reims, Greek/Hebrew, JW, Contemporary English

We have been lied to! The so called sacred writing are a long running psy-op designed for a single purpose and that is to confuse and terrify! Woe betide those who fall on the wrong side of the rulers' agenda for humanity to the end of their own aggrandizement. Examining the plethora of Biblical translations and cross checking with translations from the Greek to other languages and from various versions to Greek, we find amazing discrepancies that expose the lie and the result of those lies to innocent and ignorant victims. Some of these dramatic variances either portray an insane god or misinformation on a grand scale by political and/or religious sycophants seeking control of everyone else who are kept ignorant. As dialectical materialists, we say it is the work of historical rulers bent on the single purpose of making themselves into gods to rule over humanity and nature with a rod of iron to their own self benefit. This critique, in no way negates

the positive social message also contained in the context of the writings but exposes all the additions that attempt to obscure the collective message for a personal one, from the objective to the subjective. Thus, the intent from the time of organizing radical Judaism into a state system for mind control, has managed to substantially add to, change, pollute and confuse the original.

We will look at concepts that have evolved and been included, such as the nature of a saviour, a messiah, miracles and the like. From our researches into the question, we have discovered two sets for the foregoing questions and much more besides. There are also more gospels and documents that exist outside of the collection known as the Bible and other sacred offshoots than there are in these themselves. There was a selection process that took hundreds of years to compile. There exists at least three bodies of literature that did not make it. These are the Qumran findings, the Nag Hamadi findings and the Gospel of Judas. The Bible points to books like Enoch and Jasher as well. Clearly there is plenty that has been censored out for reasons known only to those long since dead. It was never a democratic process, nor could it be as most people at the time were illiterate. They got to know of these things by word of mouth only. On a positive note, there is now such a plethora of writings, particularly about Jesus, that we must now accept the idea that he was an actual historic figure, though hardly mentioned by traditional state historical sources at the time. The wide variety of stories we now have of Jesus is consistent with telling and retelling of stories over many decades and in many diverse communities before anyone who could, decided to record it into the record. The stories differ as can be seen in any mass recording of witnessed events. What was finally accepted into the Biblical canon occurred in the early 4th century, well after the inspiring events. Many changes were to follow and a cursory glance shows at once why Christendom split into countless factions and schisms from the earliest times to the current era. What we have now is a compilation without the Nag Hamadi or Qumran contributions, but what is shown is the enormous diversity just in the limited field examined.

The greatest of all differences in Bibles is the one between the Roman Catholic (RC) Douay-Reims Bible and all subsequently written Protestant Bibles. The KJV Bible does not contain the books of the Apocrypha that is in the RC Bible. We are forced to ask why they took out books that were agreed to be included by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. For over a thousand years, the Bible, produced in scriptoriums was written only in Latin. It took Martin Luther to translate the Vulgate version into German and it was the entire RC Bible! Then it was translated by the emerging Protestant movement into other languages, but with the Apocrypha removed. There is little comment as to why this was done. One interesting note is that the writings contained in the Apocrypha contain a detailed account of the exploits of Alexander the Great. Then consider the fact that two books in both types of Bibles refer to books not contained therein, that is, the Book of Enoch, referred to by James and the Book of Jasher. It took until much later to bring additional changes, what with the findings at Qumran near the Dead Sea and Nag Hamadi, Egypt. Even this was ignored when some modern takes took more liberties. The Jehovah's Witnesses took out entire sections, sentences and phrases. The Jesuit version of the Bible makes changes to fit Catholic doctrine. In some cases, such as in the Good News version, we get a differing translation of saviour in the OT and that is given as leader or great leader. In the KJV we get a single word from a number of original root words and this can add to confusion. Then there are subtle variations in various texts that serve to confuse and blur meanings and cause people to array themselves against designated enemies. One case in point, is the Greek for fine clothes that ends up in some cases being translated to homosexual or homosexual pervert. These variations are the ones we have to be the most careful about. All and all, the Bible of Nicea is far different from the modern ones now and the Nicean one is different from the original texts in Hebrew, Greek, Aremiac and the later Textus Receptus. When consulting the Greek, note the bold emphasis given as this will give more insight. Which one then is the truth? What follows is our own research coupled with some findings revealed by Walter Veith. We leave that for the reader to sleuth out as the whole business of many Bibles has evolved into a swamp of confusion. Consider some of the selections below. These should make one think twice at least! If the selections are not visible hereinafter, you will have to download a pdf of the entire document located at;

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