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Paywalls and Targeted Assassination Dressed as Suicide

Bullying People to Death in the Year of the Devil 2013!

Pay up or get out is the dictum under post modern imperialist capitalism today. Everywhere there is a move to privatization and away from public services that were once free to the tax paying worker (paid out of income taxes), but are now being turned to private corporations that set up payment schemes. This runs across the board and now…


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The Reality of the Permanent Revolution

The concept of the permanent revolution has been around for over a century and a half in various forms and in action through history for a lot longer. Briefly, the idea of the permanent revolution holds that whatever is invented or conceived by one person or region can be applied already formed in the minds of others and in other regions without having to go through all the previous steps. Materialistically, we see this when First Nations people got fire arms that…


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Queer for Capitalism: Queering the Gay Pride Week

Gay rights are human rights and are not special rights. To say that gay rights are special rights means that human rights are special rights, which not one will accept as true. The gay community and gay rights struggle has been co-opted for something more capital friendly and that does not care for rights except the right to exploit for profit. Here is an article containing something of gay rights history since 1969 and how that got lost over the next several years. Now Gay Pride is more…


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THE MILITARIZATION OF LABOUR: The Unionization of Security Guards (an article revived from the vaults of 2006)

Communists, Socialists, Leninists, Trotskyists and other left leaning organizations

and groups on the whole take a dim and negative view of security guards. The Security

Guard and Security professional is lumped in with the police, fascists, theocrats and right

wing extremists as enemies of the working class and the people, to be dealt with in harsh

terms and excluded from left organizations. Though one can certainly find fascist

elements within security organizations,…


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Support & Build the Occupations of NY and Dozens of Other Cities

Extend Occupations to Takeovers: Arrest the Oligarchs, Try Them in Peoples' Tribunals


Since September 17th, 2011, people began an occupation of Wall Street that has been building ever since and has extended to…


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